Have a quick look what ecgDental+ does?


Electronic Patient Records

All patient data stored digitally on secure servers. Single click retrieval along with customized reports facilitate speedy processing. Additional features viz linking of family members' records

Appointments and Schedulers

Easy to use Appointment Management Module simplifies cabin/ chair management. Reduces waiting time and keeps a track of appointments and schedules including automated reminders.

Document Management

Digitally stored documents save space, effort and stationery. Easy retrieval leads to quick referencing. Integration with scanner and customizable formats to suit existing peripherals add to the professional touch

E - Prescription

Illegible handwritten prescriptions replaced by printed forms, especially if required to make minor modifications in existing medication. Automatic inclusion in patient records completes the chain.

Lab Management

Integrated Lab Management Module allows you to view all pending lab requests at a single glance. Allows to cut down time for treatment decisions.

Accounts & Cash Management

Automatic record keeping of income and expenditure coupled with receipt management culminate in speedy and transparent handling of funds and an accurate audit.

Inventory Management

Maintain a track from supply order to delivery, thereby obviating need for frequent stock taking. Automatic alert upon stocks reaching minimum allowable levels further enhance efficiency.

Report Generation

A comprehensive digital environment of administration coupled with customized reports facilitate in-depth analysis of process and promote overall improvement.

Communications and Relationship Management

Online appointments and notifications assist the patient in time management. Continuous communication during and post treatment assist in confidence building and prevent superfluous queries.

Data Security

All data is saved in remote servers with provision of back up to ensure against data theft/ loss. Additionally, data may be imported and saved locally.